Mixed Lacrosse League 2019


League Entry Information: 
The England Lacrosse mixed league is split into 2 regions – West Midlands and South East.
Please make sure you identify on of the registration form which league you will be participating in. 


The mixed leagues are administered centrally by Helen Amos (England Lacrosse Competitions Coordinator & SW Regional Officer). 


Once all team entries have been received a fixtures list will be sent to team captains.
Teams will be responsible for sourcing and booking facilities for their home games and arranging transport for away games. If you need assistance with either of these requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


Home teams are required to provide 2 umpires per game. Umpires should be qualified with a minimum level 1 women’s umpiring.
Level 1 umpiring courses can be accessed online via the England Lacrosse website. 


All teams will play each other both home and away. Further information about forfeiting and point deductions for failing to produce a team will be available in the rules document. 


 Entry Cost = £80 per team 



Individual Membership: 
In order to compete in the mixed lacrosse leagues all players, coaches and officials in your team must be registered members of England Lacrosse.
 This costs £16.50/year for students and can be done very easily via the England Lacrosse Website. Guidelines on how to challenge players/teams if you believe someone is not registered will be published before the start of the season. 


 If you would like to enter the league, please complete the following information no later than Monday 26th August